Entry #3

Starting to Sign some artists!

2017-02-28 12:51:00 by B3yondMusic

I own a YouTube channel that uploads other artists music kinda like NCS.  I am looking to sign some smaller artists so if you want to be featured, DM me


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2017-03-07 19:39:41

So... a small artist advertising other small artists... GENIUS XD.

But it isnt that bad they might gain a LITTLE bit more popularity

B3yondMusic responds:

yup! im trying that. just only have one artist tho


2017-03-08 13:47:42

I would like to join if my music is good enough. :p


2017-03-23 11:03:45

Once my song 'Swamp Battleguard' is finished, can you upload it?


2017-03-23 14:59:14

Well, if my remasterization of Unexplained woudln't be enough... I could get into work of it. Yet, from my best tracks, I could mention Genocidal. No offense.